Service Schedule


10:50 a.m.



Corner of 3rd and Sherman (Family Life Center) doors at North East corner.



The Gospel Project at FBC

          The Gospel Project is a new curriculum that tells God's redemptive story throughout the Bible in an engaging way designed just for kids. Together, we explore the story of God's people chronologically. With each individual part of the overarching story in the Bible, connections are made to the climax of  the Story: The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The children learn that the Bible is not a collection of little stories, but one large story of God's people and His plan to bring all things back to unity with Him. This is the Story. This is the Gospel. And this is the Gospel Project.

          Currently, we explore the Gospel Project each Wednesday night during our AWANA counsel time with the Sparky and T&T groups. On Sunday nights in a small group Bible study, while the adults are in Bible study, we dig deeper into the story that we heard the Wednesday before, searching for the ways that God's Story applies to our own lives. Plans for the future include extending this program into Sunday mornings as well, so look for these possible changes.


Come join us as we experience the Gospel throughout God's Story