Service Schedule


10:50 a.m.



Corner of 3rd and Sherman (Family Life Center) doors at North East corner.


Sunday School at FBC

Sunday School meets for all ages at 9:30am.

All of the Children's classes learn the same Bible story in age appropriate ways, making it easier for families to discuss the story together at home.

Below is a list of each Sunday School class in the Children's Department, along with where the classes can be located.



The Nursery is directed by Anita Zielke, who is assisted each week by several wonderful volunteers. Your infant through two-year-old will receive loving care through the Sunday School hour as well as the worship hour. The Nursery can be found on the second floor of the Education Wing, just down the hall from most of the adult classes.

2's, 3's, & 4's not yet in preschool-

This class is directly across the hall from the nursery and is filled with fun, educational toys and lots of love. Marylin Headrick and Miriam Chaffin have faithfully taught this class for many years and love to meet new little ones. They enjoy teaching these young children through activities, music, and stories, as well as free play.

Preschool & Kindergarten-

The preschool & kindergarten class is co-taught by Rozelle Webb. These two ladies enjoy teaching the Bible stories in hands-on ways. Their class can often be found building parts of the stories with legos or creating the people and setting of the story out of playdough. This Sunday School class can be found on the basement floor of the Education wing. A volunteer is needed in this class as an assistant. If you are interested in helping, click here.

1st -3rd Grade-

This class is taught by Kay Hay. This class enjoys activities, music, and a Bible story together each week. Activities vary each week and help to enforce the Bible story as well as teach Bible skills. Their classroom is located in the basement of the Education Wing.

4th-6th Grade-

The 3rd & 4th grade class is led by Ronda Widener. The children learn Bible skills as well as a story and application each week. This class is also located in the basement in the Education Wing. A co-teacher is needed in this class. If you are interested in helping, click here.