Service Schedule


10:50 a.m.



Corner of 3rd and Sherman (Family Life Center) doors at North East corner.



First Baptist Church is putting on an amazing 8 scene walk-through drama that clearly shares the gospel.
In the drama, we see choices made by a guy who's marriage is falling apart.  Living with a difficult, nagging wife who is not a Christian, he turns to alcohol to help him deal with his stress.  We see the pressure in the lives of his children as well.
We follow 3 people through their final moments on earth, and walk with them to their final destination.
This drama speaks to every age person who is or has ever dealt with family struggles, teen struggles, or real life choices.  
Through this drama we see how our life choices affect not only us, but everyone around us.  While this drama is extremely captivating, it contains violence.  Therefore children under 10 years old are not allowed.  
Following the drama, we take a few minutes and visit with our guests about their final destination.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 26 - 28.  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
While walk-ins are welcome, it is best to make reservations.  With reservations, your wait time is minimized, and your group can walk through together without being divided up. We start tours every 15 minutes, with 15 people in each group.
The entire drama lasts about 45 minutes.
To make reservations call 620-624-1641 anytime.  Leave a message for the day and time you would like to come, and your call will be returned to complete your reservation.
There is a $3 suggested donation per person at the door.