Service Schedule


10:50 a.m.



Corner of 3rd and Sherman (Family Life Center) doors at North East corner.


Missions Support

The Missions Committee meets on a monthly basis to review applications for support.  

It is our goal to fund local, national and international missions to go out into the world

and spread the Gospel of Christ. All recommendations from the Missions Committee

are subject to approval by the Deacon Board.


Mission funds are dispersed once a month and will be funded through a percentage of

undesignated tithes. The percentage will be determined at the annual business meeting

for the next calendar year.


All mission support is reviewed and renewed annually. It is not necessary to re-apply for

support after the initial application. All mission supported activities must complete an

application before support will be considered. The support period runs from January 1

through December 31.


All individuals and/or organizations must be in agreement with the statement of faith

for First Baptist Church. Whenever possible, all applicants should interview with the

Mission Committee as part of the application process. Periodic reports (newsletters,

e-mail and/or visits) are encouraged from all funded individuals and/or organizations.